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Meritan is seeking philanthropic partners to invest in a new headquarters building for the agency.


Why did we move?


It Made Financial Sense - The lease on our previous building was up for renewal and under the new terms our monthly costs would have doubled.  In addition, the lease made Meritan responsible for all maintenance costs on an aging building, with immediate maintenance needs in excess of $575,000.

We Need to be Closer to Our Clients - Our previous building was located in East Memphis and was far removed from the majority of the population we serve, which is concentrated along the Danny Thomas/Highway 51 corridor.  We are now within walking distance of many of our target neighborhoods and on a more active public transportation route.

We Outgrew Our Building - Although our new location is almost the same size as our former office, it allows us to make more efficient use of space to increase the quality and scope of our services by housing our staff, training facilities and home health supplies in slightly less- and more energy efficient- square footage.  With a more space-saving, universally accessible, layout on one floor with no elevators or other barriers, we are able to add state of the art meeting and training space for our clients and staff with the benefit of ample parking and additional room for growth.


The New Building

We were able to purchase a 17,000 square foot building on almost 1.5 acres on the corner of 345 Adams and Danny Thomas Boulevard - in the commercial corner of Victorian Village at the intersection of Downtown, The Edge and Medical Districts.  Although the size and location perfectly met the needs of Meritan and our clients, the building was not occupied for nearly a decade and simply provided the shell for our new home.

In order to make it a state-of-the-art facility, we worked with our architects at archimania to gut and renovate the building at a cost of $2.5 million.  We are asking for your investment in Meritan and our new facility so that we can:

  • Be in a location that is more accessible to our clients needs

  • Keep AND expand all our our services all at one facility

  • Provide client job and technology training spaces

  • Create a state of the art training space to share with non-profit partners and collaborators

  • Give foster children a safe and quiet space during placement processing

  • Make more long run financial sense for Meritan and our clients

  • Allow us to be part of the re-development of a neglected part of our city


By investing in this new facility, you will be allowing Meritan to re-direct financial resources from paying rent to providing the kind of support, education, nurturing, care and training that results in increased stability and improved quality of life for individuals of all ages.

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Donations may be pledged over a three (3) year period.



Chairman's Circle

The Plough Foundation


The Briggs Foundation



Dick and Joanne Leike

Canale Foundation



Allen and Carey Brown

Melanie and Stanley Keller

Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance

Asia and Michael Meador

Weesner Meadow Farms

General & Mrs. Russ & Deborah Cotney



Harry and Heidi Guinocor

Bethany Huffman

Duncan-Williams, Inc.

David and Ann Poteat

Mr. & Mrs. Spence Wilson, Jr.


Mark and Sheila Bouie

Gary and Jane Jewel

The Best Times

Chris and Tammy Pierce

Henry Brenner




Bailey, Kaufmann, Schiebelhut

Mattie Lousie Eaton

Mr. & Mrs. Logan Meeks

Laurel Reisman

Omar Suboh

Jennifer and Jammie Tyler

Sharon Younger

Mark Dean and Mark Hood

Karl and Gail Schledwitz


Lynda Applewhite

Annie Broome

Carolyn Berry

Dorothy Dodson

George and Traci Felts

Janice Gallagher

Mr. and Mrs. Jude Louissant

Sara Mitchell

Nick and Jean Morton

Devonya Nichols

Pearlie Patton

Greg and Camilla Price

Martha Quesenberry

The Shot Nurse

Janet Signaigo

David and Kim Strickland

Waverly Taylor

Candace McRae Walsh

Linda Williams

Linda K. Williams

Buck Wellford

Dorothy Atkins

Cannon Wright Blount

Thank your for considering a donation to Meritan to assist us in our Bridging the Gap Campaign.

Each year Meritan services almost 2,000 individuals in the Mid-South.

Meritan is a tax exempt 501(c)3 health care and support service company.

Subject to the advice of your tax professional, donations may be tax deductible.