Driving the Dream with the United Way of the Mid-South

Do you need access to:

  • Housing

  • Education and/or Job Training

  • Social Support

  • Health and Wellness Services

  • Early Childhood Education

  • Spiritual Services

  • Food and Nutrition

  • Employment and Income

Meritan can help you and your family access these programs and more, absolutely free of charge. We have a talented staff of care coordinators who are invested in your success!

If you are seeking access to any of these services please contact Meritan today. You can call 901-730-5423 for more information.

We look forward to serving you!

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Housing, Education, Social, Health, Wellness, Education, Spiritual, Food, Employment Services in Memphis

Housing, Education, Social, Health, Wellness, Education, Spiritual, Food, Employment Services in Memphis

United Way of the Mid-South created a new system of care that addresses the effects of systemic poverty. There is an alarmingly high poverty rate in Memphis, TN and the root causes of poverty in Memphis are multifactorial. We know that families and individuals living in poverty have vastly different needs and these needs can vary even within a single family.

One way that needs can differ is between age groups. Poverty affects children and adults in different ways. For children, barriers to success can include housing insecurity, hunger, frequent moves between schools, or other family stressors. Adults face many of the same difficulties as children, but adults also must come to grips with the limited social mobility that accompanies poverty. This can mean a lack of reliable transportation, lack of education, no access to affordable healthcare, and limited job training. There are also many invisible hardships that hold both children and adults back from upward mobility.

Fortunately, there are many programs across the Mid-South that address these various aspects of poverty. However, not all individuals know about these programs. Further still, individuals and families who need to access more than one service may need assistance with coordinating multiple enrollment processes, securing transportation between services, and overcoming other logistical hurdles.

It is with these challenges in mind that United Way of the Mid-South created Driving The Dream (DTD). Driving The Dream is a new system of care that uses a “no-wrong-door” approach that effectively links services across organizations. Depending on the level of care an organization provides, a partner organization can either provide information about other services, make referrals, or give the individual or family access to more intensive care coordination.

Meritan is proud to partner with United Way as a Care Coordination Hub. As a Care Coordination Hub, we provide an empirically proven method of wraparound care that supports entire families. We aim to uplift both individuals and families out of poverty. This model of care allows staff to work in close collaboration with clients seeking services and their surrounding community. Our talented Driving The Dream care coordinators and staff can help people secure housing, obtain education and training, receive health care and social support, find sources of employment, and more.

Please come by and visit us at 345 Adams Ave, Memphis, TN for more information or call 901-730-5423.