Dr. Desirée Ramacus-Bushnell is the Business Operations and Partnerships Manager at Meritan, Inc. and has been with the agency since 2016. 

In her role, Desirée serves as Program Director for the United Way Driving the Dream Care Coordination Hub at Meritan. She also serves the agency as Incident Management Coordinator and liaises with all governing boards. Beginning in the new year, Dr. Ramacus-Bushnell will coordinate Senior Protection Coalition activities. The Senior Protection Coalition provides oversight to the joint efforts of the Coordinated Response to Elder Abuse (CREA) and the Vulnerable Adult Protection Team (VAPIT) in Shelby County, Tennessee.  

Originally from sunny San Diego, Desirée is proud to call both Memphis and Meritan her adopted home. Desirée earned her doctorate in ethics as well as her graduate certificate in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership from the University of Memphis. 

Dr. Ramacus-Bushnell is also chairman of the board for Victorian Village, Inc., a community development corporation. In her spare time, Desirée trains in powerlifting and aims to return to the platform in 2020 to compete in the squat, bench, and deadlift.