Helping Children

Foster Care

Children need adults they can trust.  They need, "Someone to choose me!". And many need medical support, psychological peace and a place to thrive.

Trauma affects long term well-being, health, education and success in life.  We aim to protect children in state foster care systems from having less than a full life, but we cannot achieve our goals alone.  

Children with medical, emotional and family challenges get the medical or behavioral treatment they need, and much more.  Every day they have social connection and compassion with well trained families, allowing each to grow strong through experiences that most people take for granted.  This warmth and affection plays a critical role in their full recovery.

We specialize in this medical and therapeutic support, keeping families together, and safe households for children and pregnant teens.  We find families, train resource parents (foster parents) and oversee care.  We serve all ages, although, there is a profound need every day to help an older child.  Meritan provides this program in AR, GA, and TN. It is also available in Mississippi under the name Apelah

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