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June is World Elder Abuse Month!

written by Alex Williams

World Elder Abuse Awareness

World Elder Abuse Awareness

Every year we dedicate June to Elder Abuse. On June 15, we observe World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. This day is an opportunity to raise awareness of elder abuse and neglect and renew our commitment preserving the rights of older adults. For Elder Abuse Month, we would like to give you the signs of elder abuse.

What to Look For: Signs of Abuse provided by the Tennessee Department of Human Services

Physical Abuse

  • Bruising, especially on the torso or head
  • Frequent injuries, with the excuse of “accidents"
  • Signs of being restrained, such as rope marks on wrists 

Emotional Abuse

  • Isolation of the vulnerable adult or refusal to allow visits with the vulnerable adult alone
  • Threatening, belittling or controlling behavior by the caregiver that you see
  • Unusual weight loss, malnutrition, dehydration
  • Behavior that mimics dementia, such as rocking, sucking or mumbling
  • Outbursts or extreme anger or punishment like the silent treatment 

Sexual Abuse

  • Frequent genital or urinary tract irritation and infection
  • An indication of bruising to genitals, upper torso or upper thighs
  • Vulnerable adult indicates discomfort with the caregiver while bathing, dressing, or toileting
  • Vulnerable adult has little or no privacy for bating or dressing which bothers him or her

We are partnered with Coordinated Response to Elder Abuse (CREA). CREA’s services are intended for individuals over the age of 60 who may be abused and who are seeking services in response to elder abuse. With this partnership, we are able to better advocate and protect the elderly!


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